Wednesday, August 17, 2011

back on the wagon....again

Isn't it 'funny' how we can fall off the weight loss wagon time and time again and it still keeps calling us back?

I for one am grateful that it keeps calling me back, otherwise I'd be REALLY screwed!!!

I've been stepping on the scale for the most recent challenge over at the Sisterhood, but not trying (sorry team mates) and lets face it my life has been CRAZY busy. I started a new job and life was hectic before I started that.... excuses aside.. I need to get back on the wagon for realz.

My weight this week is 254.8lbs which is kind of discouraging, but I know that I've been there before and that I can make the number disappear.

Here are my personal goals for the week:
  • Drink my water
  • Stay on target with my Weight Watchers Points
  • Journal the food that I am eating
  • Start the couch to 5K program and sign up for Run the Hood '11 with Shrinking Jeans
  •  Blog a couple times a week about how I'm doing
Good luck everyone!!!

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