Wednesday, October 5, 2011




Yep it is a good morning for me :) I stepped on this scale this morning and while still less than impressed by what the numbers said -(- what?!? I wanted to wake up and magically weigh 130lbs-)- I was shocked to see what I did see.... see for yourself:

You will notice that I lost 6 FREAKING POUNDS !!!!! Granted I know that 80% of that is strictly because I ramped up my water intake and started watching what I shovel into my face portions and quality of food.

In addition to that I was able to log 400 exercise minutes this week... I was stoked!!! In addition to that I was able to shave roughly 5 minutes off my time of walking around a local golf course track (twice) when I did it the first day it took me 85 minutes and when I did it the other day it took me 80.... :) Pretty exciting if you ask me :)

Here is to another great week for EVERYONE!!!